Frequently ask questions

Do you have quarterly evenings to discuss progress with parents?

Yes, at the end of each term, we organize a parent’s evening. We, at Al-Arabiya Institute strongly encourage parents to attend these meetings. Parents’ evenings are important because they give you an opportunity to discuss what your child is doing at the Institute and how they are getting on.

When do I need to pay my child’s fees?

All fees must be paid at the beginning of each month. Copies of the cycle sheet are available at reception.

How do I join Al-Arabiya Institute? Are there any fees involved?

If you wish to start your Quran or Arabic journey either for yourself or your child, simply visit us at our branch in the address below, fill in the registration form (a registration fee apply). You will be given an assessment (either for you or your child ) in order to discuss your needs, serioussness and so that we can enrol you in a class suited to your needs and level. Upon this assessment, you will be given details of the course including the fees for the course you wish to enrol. Please note that we are an Institute of Excellence which means that -upon assessment- we are not able to offer a place to everyone, we decide to enrol only serious, reliable, steady, thoughtful  and responsible students. Upon the assessment with the Director, you will be given an answer as to  either the applying student will be accepted or not.

Have you got First Aid training in case of an emergency?

Yes, We take the safety of our children seriously and have ensured that all our staff are DBS/CRB checked many are also trained in first aid and essential safeguarding for childrens

Are the teachers DBS checked?

Yes, We follow a DBS policy, so you can rest assured all of our teachers are fully checked and have no history of criminal conduct. We provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and have ensured that all teachers have undergone enhanced DBS checks

Do you have classes with large number of students?

No, At Al-Arabiya Institute, we make the promise not to overcrowd our classes. Our moto is teaching quality not quantity ! During each session, each child reads to his teacher minimum 1 page !!

Do you offer private or group classes?

We are able to offer both al hamdulileh. We have Tailored One-to-One Classes Available that enable you to learn at a pace suited for you with catered learning to your level. We also offer “family classes” which is suitable for members of the same family who want to study at the same time. We are Open 6 Days A Week With Flexible Times so how busy your schedule may be, we have classes able to fit around your timetable. Classes are available for both men and women in a segregated environment.

How long have you been teaching for now?

We at Al-Arabiyya Institute have a 12years experience in teaching both childrens and adults. We are a team of fully qualified teachers and fluent in English. Our classes are taught by both male and female teachers.

What do you teach in Al-Arabiya Institute ?

We teach the Arabic language, Quranic studies : this includes Qur;an reading, tajweed, hifz (memorization), and Qiraat (we are specialist in the 14 qiraat) we also specialize in delivering Ijazaah (certificate). We also offer 1 to 1 tuitions in French.